A. Special Aviation

Tu-214OS (click to enlarge)
(1) Transit flights along international routes according to published standards and recommendations of ICAO, as well as air traffic control instructions, Treaty participating countries procedures and guidelines for flights safety; (2) Observation flights according to the plan of the «Open Skies» Treaty missions. For these flights, route and flight profile must meet the requirements of flight safety according to standards and recommendations of ICAO, considering national flight rules;  (3) Demonstration flights and flights for data collection during preparation for certification of the carrier aircraft and during certification of the carrier aircraft. 

Tu-214CP (click to enlarge)

Tu-214СР (Radio relay aircraft) is designed for retranslation of telephone and document communication channels and transportation of avant-garde teams. (1) Providing of communications with objects, equipped with user stations of mobile radio system; (2) Extension of operating range of ground communication facilities, communicating with large moving objects; (3) Engagement as a ground communication facility that retranslates channels via SATCOM; (4) Providing of communications during transportation of avant-garde team; (5) Transportation of avant-garde teams for carrying out field operations.  

Tu-214PU (click to enlarge)

Airborne control center Tu-214ПУ (СУС) is designed for setting up telephone, telecode and document communication channels, provided for communicants and also for comfortable conditions for work and relaxation of passengers and flight crew during the whole flight. (1) Providing communication channels for communicants of airborne control centers



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